Sisters of Holy Cross

The Sisters of Holy Cross, an international congregation, arrived in Montreal Canada in 1847. They presently minister in Canada, the United States, Haiti, Peru, Chile, Rome, Mali, Burkina Faso and Vietnam.


Their 2011 Chapter best describes their ongoing commitment:

to be mystics and prophets, with a heart free of boundaries, open to cosmic consciousness, to recognize, contemplate and honor the God of Jesus Christ in each one of us, our communities, earth and the cosmos, to empower LIFE to reclaim its rights, to overcome injustice through our “No” to all forms of violence and through our mutually responsible interdependence. We resolutely “put our hand to the work of resurrection”.

For more information on the Sisters of Holy Cross and their work for justice, contact Sister Denise Turcotte, CSC, Coordinator of the Justice and Environment Mission Group of the Sisters of Holy Cross.

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