JusticeCraft: Ecological Sustainability


Gail Worcelo SGM, along with Teilhardian scholar Thomas Berry, is a co-founder of Green Mountain Monastery (Greensboro, VT), which seeks to give expression to a theology rooted in the evolutionary dynamism of an unfolding universe.


Gail is passionate about contributing to the evolution of consciousness in this new "Moment of Grace" and has presented at gatherings such as:  LCWR, Spiritual Directors International, Catholic Theological Union, and to religious communities, seminaries and formation houses in Europe, Asia, Africa, India, Australia and Latin America. 


She is also a liturgical dancer, choreographer and performer using dance as an embodied expression of praise and adoration of the Divine.




Denise Turcotte, CSC, MST, a 2007 graduate of JusticeCraft, is an environmental educator and former participant in several Earth Literacy Courses at Genesis Farm. 


Denise is the coordinator of the Sisters of Holy Cross Justice and Environment Mission Groups and serves as their congregational liaison to the Holy Cross International Justice Office Executive Committee. 


Currently on staff at Berakah Retreat/Spirituality Center in Pittsfield, NH, she co-facilitates The Mystical Perspective of Earth and Cosmic Consciousness—Walking the Sacred By-Paths and regularly presents programs on ecological sustainability, merging  spirituality and science.





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