Ecological Economics

Ecological economics Ecological economics is an alternative economic model that challenges the current growth-driven system, presenting instead a model that recognizes Earth’s biophysical limits and embodies both social and ecological values.

Image credit: University of Vermont
Gund Institute for Ecological Economics.
Used with permission.

Our work is organized around A Call to Integrate Faith, Ecology and the Global Economy, a statement created by the Faith-Economy-Ecology-Transformation Working Group, a coalition of faith-based organizations and individuals with which the office is affiliated. Our endorsement of this statement commits us to work for:

  • A paradigm shift in mindset and values - measuring the success of economies not by mindless growth in production and consumption, but by increased human wellbeing and ecological integrity.  This calls for a return of corporations to their proper place in society - increasing the accountability of corporations to workers, regulatory bodies, the communities in which they are embedded, and the natural world
  • An economy of thriving and resilient communities - creating strong, thriving, interdependent local/regional. economies and human communities that are rich in social ties. This requirespublic policies for an economy of right relationship - shifting to a sufficiency-based economy in which the gifts of Earth are shared equitably; everyone has enough and no one has excess.

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