JusticeCraft: Models and Strategies



Florence Deacon OSF is the congregation justice coordinator for the Sisters of the Holy Cross, working with an

international committee to devise education and action strategies on the critical justice issues of our time. She also serves in an advisory capacity for the congregation's socially responsible investment program, engaging in corporate dialogues and shareholder resolutions.


Florence became engaged in the work of justice and systemic change on a full-time basis in 2001, when she was appointed as director of the New York office of Franciscans International.

Since that time, she has participated in multiple UN conferences and commissions writing policy statements, providing written and oral interventions, lobbying governments and international financial institutions, and organizing or presenting at panels.


Mary Turgi CSC, as chair of the Sisters of the Holy Cross Congregation Justice Committee and director of the Holy Cross International Justice Office, has over 19 years of experience animating and organizing religious congregations' work for social justice.


An experienced presenter on justice issues and public policy, Mary has also developed highly successful strategies for educating members of faith-based communities on complex topics and engaging them in action.

Mary has advanced degrees in mathematics and women’s studies and previously taught mathematics and justice education courses at the university/college level, served as social ministries coordinator at Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN, and worked as a community development coordinator in Covington, KY.


Dana Taylor serves as assistant justice coordinator for the Sisters of the Holy Cross and as assistant director for the Holy Cross International Justice Office. Passionate about systemic change in a global context, Dana joined the justice team in 2006. Her interests in international affairs and intercultural relations have led her to pursue education in English and international literatures, as well as sustainability studies. Most recently, Dana earned her Master of Public Affairs, with a concentration in nonprofit administration and policy, at Indiana University South Bend.


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