Living Well, Living Well Together

What would it mean for us humans to live a new story?


Not the dominant story of separation and self-interest, but one in which everything is indissolubly interrelated and interdependent; one in which all that exists is continuously, dynamically evolving into wholeness.


What would happen if we truly recognized this ongoing movement into wholeness as God’s dream for us - and all creation?


How would we humans then live – within ourselves, among ourselves, with all the Earth community?These are a few of the questions we will explore with you as we continue our reflections on personal, social, and planetary wellbeing with a theme from the Quechua people of South America: Sumak Kawsay - Living Well, Living Well Together.


This is an expansive theme, and we will approach it holistically--exploring personal, social and economic, and finally political/structural wellbeing--all within the framework of the wellbeing of planet Earth.


We are especially pleased that our work is a collaborative effort of the HCIJO Ecological Economics Working Group and a subgroup of the Sisters of the Holy Cross Congregation Justice Committee. Resources coming from either of these two groups will be identified by the logo seen here: Toward A New Time created by Marion C. Honors, CSJ.


We think that you will find the reflections and resources on “living well together” provided by our teams both energizing and, at times, provocative. As always we welcome your ideas, your reflections and your feedback.

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