Historically, our work was organized around the principles of The Earth Charter, with particular focus on global economic justice, ecological sustainability, the rights of marginalized peoples, and peacemaking and nonviolence. These core issues were determined by the HCIJO Executive Committee after consultation with leadership and members of the four Congregations.


Today, as our work for justice continues to evolve, we embrace a more collaborative model in order to identify and respond to the emerging needs of our time. The HCIJO Executive Committee meets annually to determine its primary focus and to develop plans for animation around this issue.


An intercongregational working group contributes to the development of resources posted on this site, which offer background information, analysis, and theological reflection on these matters.


Current focus: Integral Human Development

pAST focuses include: Migration through the lens of Nonviolence and Just Peace; Laudato si': On care for our common home; Ecological Economics--Living Well, Living Well Together

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