Title:Arctic, The
Subtitle:The Consequences of Human Folly
Media Type:DVD

The Ecumenical Patriarch convened the seventh symposium in the Arctic where the most rapid and alarming environmental changes are taking place. Bringing together religious leaders, scientific experts, environmentalists, local leaders, and the media, the participants saw first hand the melting of the millennial glaciers and heard testimony to the devastating impact of toxic pollution on the human and animal population, pollution brought by wind and sea currents from the industrial south. A silent prayer bringing together representatives of the world’s religions and a child from each continent, provided a moving plea to stem the tide of humanity’s self-destruction. (30 minutes/ English)

Bonus material:
Living Waters: Protecting our seas and rivers - This 18-minute film provides an overall view of the work of Religion, Science and the Environment in its quest to seek solutions to the environmental crisis. (18 minutes/ English)

The Nuclear Power Issue – The symposium feature a debate on nuclear power with both experts and survivors of Hiroshima and Chernobyl. With Hans Blix and Mary Evelyn Tucker. (English)

Categories:Ecology; Climate Change
Languages:English, audio
Table Of Contents:

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